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Come see the future!

Located just a few minutes away from Unirii Square, Gateway VR Studio is your prime location to try virtual reality in Bucharest. We offer HTC Vive and Oculus Rift equipment in a setup that is also perfect for group VR experiences. Come play at Gateway with your friends, family or colleagues and see the future of entertainment.

At Gateway VR Studio you can rent the equipment for as long as you want. Choose any game or experience from our extensive library of immersive titles.

It’s your first visit and you’re not sure what to try out? No problem, we are glad to help out.

What is VR?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that lets you experience a different reality. Through a headset or a pair of VR glasses and a controller, you are taken into a new world, where you can explore, play or experiment new sensations.

Through virtual reality anyone can experience free- flying, can travel to the moon, or why not, Mars. Anyone can turn into a superhero or can become a character in a story. Imagination is the only limit. Our studio is a gateway to these fantastic adventures.

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We offer a fun and unique experience for companies, schools, parties, and more!

Turn your event in something completely unexpected with this cutting-edge entertainment technology.

Virtual reality is ideal for:

Company Parties

Corporate Events

Team Building Events

Birthday Parties

Pop-Up Events

Brand Awareness

Group VR Experiences

Do you want to bring a larger group?

Enjoy insanely immersive visuals and sound in experiences that will take you and your friends, family or colleagues on a journey of out-of-this-world fun! Gateway VR Studio is the perfect place to enjoy an hour or two of futuristic fun as a group!

1h Studio Booking (Groups of 2 to 7)85 LEI / Pers

For larger groups (7-35 pers), please contact us for a personalized offer.

Give the gift of VR

Do you want to offer this amazing experience to your friends, family or colleagues?

That’s great! Buy one of our gift vouchers. Guaranteed to make a memorable impression.

Gift Voucher – 30 minutes __________50 LEI

Gift Voucher – 60 minutes __________85 LEI

Gift vouchers have a 60 days availability period from the time of purchase and are only valid for one seat.

VR Premium Experience

Come see the future through virtual reality! All our units have a high-end PC, a headset, two controllers and room space available for you to explore virtual worlds.

Careful: you might not want to come back to reality!

1h experience 85 LEI

AC: Escape the Lost Pyramid & Beyond Medusa’s Gate

 Escape The Lost Pyramid si  Beyond Medusa’s Gate are escape/adventure games set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins. In a team of 2 or 4 players, you will experience a larger-than-life collaborative adventure in virtual reality that would be far too dangerous or just impossible to live in real life.

Bonus: BONUS: If you and your team complete the puzzles in time, you will also be able to enjoy our other experiences up to 1h of play time!

Passes- 2/4 Playersători

Price: 95 Lei / Jucător